A third-generation dentist, Dr. Valerie Kanter, DMD, MS has a deep understanding of how oral health is connected to overall health and has built her practice around caring for patients’ holistic well-being. Dr. Kanter has a truly unique approach to endodontics—she is at the forefront of applying less-invasive, chemical-free and biological approaches to traditional endodontic therapies such as root canals and microsurgery. Dr. Kanter is passionate about sharing her knowledge with other dental health practitioners and patients, especially regarding biological dental care and advanced regenerative endodontics. She teaches at the prestigious UCLA School of Dentistry and stays at the forefront of the latest research and studies on regenerative endodontics, less invasive laser therapies, and other advances in natural, chemical-free oral health care. She and her professional staff are actively integrating mercury-safe amalgam filling removal techniques, stem cell therapy, regenerative therapies, newest laser technologies, homeopathic protocols, and fluoride-free dentistry into their practice.