How to Live My Life with More Intention

How to Live My Life with More Intention
The Ultimate Guide to Setting New Year’s Intentions
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Essential Takeaways

  • We discuss why New Year’s resolutions don’t work.
  • We share tips on how to live life with more intention.
  • You can live a healthier, more fulfilling life with intentions.

Ahh… the New Year. A fresh start, new goals, and a whole lot of motivation.

But before we get into the New Year spiel, I need to be honest: New Year’s resolutions don’t work.

The hard truth.
Before my health and wellness journey began, the New Year’s resolutions I set for myself always failed. I was stressed that I couldn’t stick to my goals. Worse, I felt defeated because my body couldn’t support me with the energy and strength I needed.

Thinking back, the New Year’s resolutions I made for myself did more harm than good. For example:

  • I thought starving myself was healthy; I'd only have one, maybe two, small meals a day.
  • I’d be super motivated to go to the gym one week and then completely fail to go the next.
  • I thought I always had to be go, go, go. I ended up burning myself out and felt very unfulfilled.

The conclusion? This wasn't healthy, and this wasn't a life I want to live.

The good news is that we always have the opportunity to adapt. So, let's ditch the New Year's resolutions and focus on living our lives with more intention. 

Setting New Year's intentions allows us to be more present and intentional with our goals.

Resolutions vs. Intentions
Generally, New Year’s resolutions are strict goals that don’t give you flexibility; they are hard to attain and leave no room for error because they’re unrealistic and rigid.

For example, if your New Year’s resolution is to exercise for 30 minutes each day, and you exercise for 28 minutes one day, you’ve failed. It doesn’t matter if you came down with the flu or had to take care of a sick family member–your New Year’s resolution is thrown out the window.

New Year’s Resolution: “I will work out 30 minutes each day no matter what.”

New Year’s intentions, on the other hand, are valuable ways you intend to be more present so you can pour your energy into a fulfilling life that directly ties into your core values.

For example, if you're a workaholic, you're probably up late most nights finishing projects or brainstorming new ideas. While you're determined to do good work, you probably feel tired throughout the day and only have a little energy by the time you get home. A good New Year's intention would be to prioritize sleep.

What's great about this is that you can be flexible with your sleep schedule. You may sleep eight hours one night and six the next, but what matters is that you always try to get more sleep and prioritize your well-being. Overall, being mindful of your body and setting intentions is a healthier way to achieve your long-term goals.

My New Year’s Intention: “I will prioritize sleep.”

The difference between New Year’s Intentions and New Year’s Resolutions is how success is defined.

What are some New Year’s intentions I can take with me?
Read on for a complete guide to New Year Intentions so you can live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

New Year’s Intentions:
Prioritize Sleep

Getting better and deeper sleep ensures I wake up energized and ready to take on the day.
Prioritize Sleep

Be productive

Stay grounded with my intentions gives me more energy, focus, and an improved mood.
Be More Productive

Prioritize my health

Incorporating supplements into my daily health routine strengthens my immune system and improves my health.
Prioritize My Health

Have more energy

Having more energy allows me to achieve more.

Get my greens in

Eating healthy ensures I give my body all the vitamins and minerals it needs to thrive.
Get My Greens In

Heal my gut

Taking a mixture of pre and probiotics helps heal my gut microbiome.
Heal My Gut

Glow from within

Protecting my body from oxidative stress helps slow down the aging process.
Glow From Within

Stay consistent

Staying consistent with my wellness routines allows me to live the life I want and function at my peak potential.
Stay Consistent with My Wellness Journey

Living with intention is important because it increases our self-awareness, happiness, and meaning in our own lives. By living with intention, we set out each day to ensure we engage in meaningful activities that serve a good purpose and positively influence our lives.

Cheers to a healthy and intentional year!


Kayla Porter
I'm a health enthusiast and passionate writer eager to bring my passion for fitness and well-being to Cymbiotika. I strongly believe in moving your body and exercising regularly to achieve optimal health. Fun fact about me: I love pilates! One of my favorite supplements to take after a hard workout is Cymbiotika's Longevity Mushrooms. Not only does it help me recover faster, but it has multiple benefits that support my immune system and overall health. I'm excited to continue my health journey with Cymbiotika and share tips and tricks to work towards living your best life!

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