How to Make Traditional Matcha Green Tea, Step-by-Step

How to Make Traditional Matcha Green Tea, Step-by-Step
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Essential Takeaways

  • You can enjoy your own morning ritual with matcha right at home!

There’s nothing quite like a steaming cup of matcha in the morning. High in antioxidants, Matcha offers many health benefits and calming effects. Rather than make an extra stop for an overly sweet (and overly priced) cup of matcha, you can enjoy an earthy, delicious cup of Organic Matcha right at home. Here’s how to do it:

Matcha accessories:

  • A ceremonial tea bowl (called a chawan)
  • Bamboo tea whisk (chasen)
  • Tea scoop (chashaku)
  • Strainer


  • Organic Matcha powder
  • Water
  • Milk or milk alternative
  • Honey or sweetener of choice


Please note: this recipe is not to teach the proper method for the Japanese tea ceremony but to make delicious matcha and enjoy it at home.

Cymbiotika Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade Tea Station with Tea Bowl, Whisk, and Matcha

Photo by Cymbiotika

  1. Prepare your station.

Cymbiotika Organic Matcha in measuring ladle

Photo by Cymbiotika

  1. Using the measuring ladle, scoop ½ tsp (1g) of matcha powder into the strainer.

Cymbiotika Organic Matcha - sifting green tea to ensure there are no clumps

  1. Sift your matcha powder into your tea bowl, swirling the powder around with the ladle, so your tea will be smooth.

Cymbiotika Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade

Photo by Cymbiotika

  1. After you sift your powder, it should look like this! (Stunning, right?!)

Cymbiotika Morning Ritual with Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade

Photo by Cymbiotika

  1. Pour 1-2 ounces of hot water into the bowl with the matcha powder.

Cymbiotika Whisking Organic Matcha Green Tea in quick "M" motion

  1. Relax your wrist, and use a gentle circular motion for thin, smooth tea. Use a quick “M” or “W”-shaped motion for foamy tea. (Fun fact: smooth and foamy tea have slightly different scents and flavors. Whisk for about 15 seconds until the tea is bright green.

Cymbiotika Pouring Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade into Cup

Photo by Cymbiotika

  1. Carefully pour your matcha into a teacup. 

Woman smiling drinking Cymbiotika Organic Matcha Ceremonial Grade

  1. Enjoy!

Pro-tip: For an extra hint of sweetness, add some magnesium! Cymbiotika’s Magnesium L-Threonate boosts brain power and increases concentration and focus. Plus, it has a delicious vanilla chai flavor that will elevate your cup of matcha!

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