Introducing Arise™

Introducing Arise™
Join for free and get early access to exclusive discounts, yearly birthday gifts, and more!
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Essential Takeaways

  • Cymbiotika introduces its new loyalty program, Arise™.
  • Arise™ will help members stay consistent in their wellness routines to achieve better health.
  • Members can enjoy monthly discounts, yearly birthday rewards, and exclusive access to giveaways, anniversary gifts, and more.

When you’re juggling a demanding career, family responsibilities, and a social life, self-care can seem like a luxury. It’s almost like self-care requires an extravagant spa day or something so intense that we need a whole week off (I mean, vacationing at a glamorous resort sounds nice, right?).

Because of this mindset, we often brush off self-care, and prioritizing ourselves gets put on the back burner. Our inability to focus on our well-being and health becomes an endless cycle in which we constantly feel tired, unmotivated, cranky, and perhaps even unwell.

The good news is that you don't need to take an extravagant trip or have a special occasion to start your wellness journey–you can start prioritizing your health now! So, if you want to improve your health, live a more fulfilling life, and be rewarded just for committing yourself, we've got you: welcome to Arise™.

You don't need to take an extravagant trip or have a special occasion to start your wellness journey–you can start prioritizing your health now.

Cymbiotika’s New Loyalty Program, Arise™ 

We’re excited to announce Cymbiotika’s new loyalty program, Arise™. Arise™ rewards members who commit to improving their health by featuring a tiered pricing structure that offers substantial discounts. In short, members receive incredible rewards and discounts the longer they stay in the program! No matter where you are in your health journey, you will automatically be rewarded just by being an active Cymbiotika subscriber. How cool is that?!

Member Tiers

The member tiers of the program are as follows: Member, Insider, Elite, and VIP. Read on to learn more about the benefits of each member tier:


Individuals will begin their journey in the Member tier, enjoying birthday gifts, access to exclusive live streams, and even rare digital collectibles. 


The Insider Tier is unlocked on your third month. Insiders will enjoy free shipping, tier-specific rewards, and an additional 10% off on top of existing subscription discounts.


In your fourth month, the Elite tier is unlocked! Members can take advantage of an additional 15% off all subscription orders, free shipping, and anniversary gift cards. 


The premium tier, the VIP tier, is unlocked on your sixth month. VIPs can take up to 50% off each subscription order, participate in secret sales, and connect with Cymbiotika’s founders and other industry leaders. 

VIPs can save up to 50% on each subscription order.

Entering the New Digital World

Arise™ will use Web3 technology, giving members an inclusive and safe space to participate in the new digital world. The program is incredibly interactive and even allows members to help co-create the future of Cymbiotika. 

To maximize the platform’s reliability, Cymbiotika will utilize the Polygon blockchain. Polygon is one of the first blockchains to be climate positive, safe, credible, and eco-friendly. With this platform, Arise™ will allow members to collect, store, and eventually trade NFTs (Non-fungible tokens), which are considered modern-day collectibles. 

Unlike any generation before, we know how to design and build our dreams. Our tenacity and innovation allow us to keep up with the increasingly digital world. We're excited for Arise™ to help members worldwide thrive in this new digital arena. 

A Healthier and Happier You

Whether you are just beginning your wellness journey or are continuing your path to optimal health, Arise™ is an excellent way to kickstart the year by encouraging healthy nutrition and wellness routines.

Register to join Arise™ here.

by Melanie David / Jan 13, 2023