New Year's Intentions

With the New Year approaching us quickly, we got inspired to share some tips that have worked for us on how to powerfully set intentions for the upcoming year. *Note: the keyword we use here is intention rather than resolution because a resolution is like a mandate and can create an all-or-nothing mindset, whereas an intention requires planning, but gives us more of a chance at optimal delivery and achievement (even if we slip off track).

When it comes to setting intentions for the New Year, we’ve observed that many people set goals in the arenas of health, wellness, diet, fitness, financial goals, etc.-- which are all awesome… AND, it’s important to stay grounded when planning what these goals may be and make sure they are coming from an authentic place in our hearts and minds.

Some tips on how to successfully set intentions for the new year:

  • Write things down, meditate about them, and speak them aloud. Doing these 3 things in conjunction with one another creates powerful physical and energetic forces to back whatever it is you are calling into your reality and/or manifesting
  • Write your intentions in a calendar every week
  • Be realistic with your goals-- i.e, if you are trying to quit sugar completely but you currently consume it everyday, you will need time to adjust to this new goal because your body and brain are literally addicted to it (this pretty much goes for any addiction!). Start by donating or throwing out any items you have in your pantry such as processed sugar, flour, bread, soda, artificial sweeteners, and lab-made “snacks”. After this, you can start to incorporate whole foods such as berries, fruits, and honey into your diet in small amounts when/if you begin to crave sugar. Opt for a diet high in healthy fats and high-quality proteins such as avocados, olives, sprouted nuts/seeds, and pasture-raised eggs/meat (if not vegan) to help your body adjust to this major change. You will thank yourself later!
  • Tell other people about your intentions/goals and find out what theirs are as well to hold each other accountable. Perhaps set aside time once a week where you can all get together in person or over the phone to talk about what you intend to accomplish for the upcoming week, and what you already accomplished the prior week.
  • Know the why behind your intentions-- this creates a vision for us that we can look upon if we are ever feeling down or uninspired.
  • Set intentions for YOU. It’s known that we have to be the ones to want something for ourselves in order to do it or receive it. No matter how much help we have from other people, we have to be the driving force behind our goals and action plans.
  • Know and trust that you are worthy of receiving everything you can dream of. Only when we release what is not meant for us does the space open up in our lives for opportunities and abundance to align for us.
  • Trust yourself and your ability to succeed. When those monkey-mind thoughts creep in, allow yourself to feel whatever it is you need to feel, and then continue moving forward.
  • Write down lists of everything you need to do in order to follow through with your intentions-- Who/what/where/when/why/how & dates you want to achieve by.
  • Be gentle and kind with yourself. Know that everyone has setbacks, but stay determined and remember why you started in the first place.
  • Ask for help, guidance, and inspiration when need be. This can also look like listening to podcasts or watching videos on the subjects of interest.

Revisit this list if you are ever feeling stagnant when it comes to setting or keeping your New Year’s intentions. We would love to hear some of your intentions on social media for 2021 and how these tips may have helped you on this journey :)

With love and gratitude,

The Cymbiotika Team

by / Jan 01, 2021