Want Better Sleep? Try This Supplement
As we age, getting quality sleep can become a real challenge. Whether it's due to busy schedules, stress, or simply not prioritizing rest, many of us may struggle to get the deep, rejuvenating sleep we need. However, it's crucial to recognize that skimping on sleep isn't just a matter of feeling a bit groggy the next day. It can have serious long-term consequences for our health–in fact, it’s been linked to a higher risk of conditions like coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and stroke. 

During sleep, your body works to support healthy brain function, increase energy levels, and maintain physical health. Sleeping is critical because it affects your day-to-day lifestyle, such as how you think, respond, listen, interact, and work. Without adequate rest, we can’t function properly.

How Much Sleep Do I Need?

Most healthy adults need at least seven hours of sleep each night. However, your activity levels, health, work schedule, and other life aspects can influence the amount of sleep you actually need.
According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults ages 25 to 64 typically require 7 to 9 hours of sleep nightly, with women requiring an extra 11 to 20 minutes compared to men.


How Can You Get A Good Night’s Sleep?

1. Commit to a regular sleep schedule 

When you create a consistent sleep routine, your body naturally understands when it should rest and when it should be awake. Regular sleep schedules help you cope with daily stressors, increase alertness, participate in health and safety behaviors, and improve heart health.

2. Get exposure to the sun

Sunlight exposure effectively syncs your body’s internal clock so it knows when to rest and stay awake. It also helps produce Vitamin D, which can help regulate melatonin production at night to call for a deeper sleep. To experience the sun's benefits, it is best to get at least 20 minutes of sunlight exposure in the morning. 

3. Try a Sleep supplement

Cymbiotika’s Sleep is the best natural supplement for quality sleep. This product contains ingredients like GABA, L-theanine, and Glycine, which support deep, natural sleep. It helps you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. Additionally, it calms the nervous system and promotes relaxation.

Sleep transcends typical sleep supplements. Enhanced with a therapeutic cacao blend, it amplifies REM sleep and synergistically elevates sleep quality, ensuring quicker onset and prolonged duration for uninterrupted rest.

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by Melanie David / May 15, 2024