Brain Health

Daily crosswords and sudokus are excellent brain food for mental function and cognitive performance. But for true healthy brain function, your brain needs real nutrients—the ones found in Cymbiotika’s brain and cognitive  performance bundle. Our supplements for mental clarity use all-natural and organic ingredients proven to support cognitive function, from PQQ to Omega-3’s.

To build a strong foundation for mental performance, we start with the essential nutrient building blocks—vitamins and minerals. Our natural supplements for mental focus, like our Synergy Vitamin B12 doesn’t just include a powerhouse brain booster, but it optimizes absorption with Liposomal technology, enhancing its cognitive function benefits. Add vitamin D3 and selenium to your daily intake with Cymbiotika’s Vitamin D3 + K2 + CoQ10 formula. Our plant-based natural supplement of vitamin D3 activates the genes that heal our brains and bodies while the antioxidant mineral CoQ10 protects against cell-damaging free radicals, brain fog, early aging, and subsequent memory loss. 

For peak support, we pair this combo with another memory-boosting mineral, magnesium. Our Liposomal Magnesium L-Threonate directly supports healthy brain function by protecting our brain’s vital neural connection points, our synapses. By crossing the blood-brain barrier, the magnesium improves executive mental performance and working memory, right at the source. 

But nourishing our brains is about more than vitamins and minerals—it should be a well-balanced meal.

For brain cells and neuron protection, you’ll find PQQ from kiwis in our ReGenesis brain health supplement formula. For improved heart, eye, and mental health, you’ll get a hearty dose of a fish-free Omega 3 fatty acid (a proven powerhouse of cognitive health) in The Omega brain supplement. And for a final boost of brain benefits, you can utilize over a dozen adaptogens, minerals, herbs, and lipids in every scoop of Cymbiotika’s Golden Mind brain supplement. From Lion’s Mane mushroom to ginseng, these ingredients will clear out the fog and protect your brain health as you age.

The only way to unlock your mind’s full potential is by nourishing your body with organic, health-promoting compounds like a brain health supplement  that will  go straight to your head—in the best way.