Myth Vs. Fact

Common Misconceptions About Creatine


Creatine is only for men.


There is a popular misconception that creatine is only for male athletes and bodybuilders. However, creatine can help women increase lean muscle mass, promote youthful skin, and support brain health.



Creatine will make me bulky.


Creatine can help you get the most out of your workouts regardless of your fitness goals. Women will not get bulky when using creatine because they don’t build muscle at the same rate as men due to lower levels of testosterone.



Creatine is only for muscle gain.


While it’s most often used to support athletic performance, people who aren’t exercising regularly can still take creatine.



All creatine is made the same.


Many creatine supplements use fillers, synthetics, and toxins. We use CreaBev® which is a highly bioavailable patented form of Creatine that increases energy levels and supports brain health. We also use liposomal delivery to allow the nutrients to reach your body effectively with maximum absorption.

This is the first “ready-to-use” form of creatine.

It tastes good and doesn’t sit in the stomach/create discomfort.



I should only be taking creatine if I work out.


Creatine is naturally found in our muscles, skin, and plays a key role in the production of ATP. ATP is your cell's most basic form of energy and without it, your cells are not able to function properly. Our body’s production of creatine declines as we age, which is why it’s important to make sure we are getting enough from our diets and/or supplements.


What To Expect When Taking Creatine


  • Increased Energy
  • Improved metabolism
  • Increased anabolic muscle growth
  • Boosted collagen production


  • Increased muscle gain and strength
  • Increased performance and stamina
  • Decreased injury prevention


  • Body composition is evolving
  • Lean body mass increased at a greater rate
  • Increased power and recovery time
  • Improved cognitive ability

More About Creatine+

Liposomal Delivery

Our Creatine is unique because of its liposomal delivery.

Liposomal delivery provides a higher bioavailability and nutrient absorption so you get the most out of your creatine.

When To Take

Best to be taken 5 days on, 2 days off to increase the effectiveness of Creatine. By taking 2 days off, it helps prevent the possibility of your body getting used to the supplementation.

If you were to take Creatine daily, you run the risk of your body no longer responding to the supplement, and thus nullifying the results.

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