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Camellia Sinensisi

Green tea is familiar with many for its known antioxidant and anticancer properties, due to its high polyphenol content. While it originally came from China, Japanese-grown green tea is recommended due to cleaner environments. Across the world, it is one of the most highly consumed teas. Green tea is highly beneficial in prevention and repair of heart, brain, and liver health. It also shows benefits for weight loss. Less commonly known are its nootropic abilities. Extract of this tea, as used in our brain formula below, helps concentrate these benefits

Its high polyphenol content, specifically catechins, provides its antioxidant content. One reason green tea is so beneficial as an antioxidant is that it helps increase the body’s ability to use antioxidants in higher quantities. In a study on obese individuals and blood antioxidant capacity, supplementation of green tea extract more than doubled the amount of antioxidants the blood could hold at a certain time. Many do not understand that no matter the quantity of antioxidants in the diet, the body has to be able to use them for them to benefit.

Green tea is energizing and increases cognitive performance. Though it does contain some caffeine, the brain-stimulating effects actually come from EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate), one of the profound antioxidants. It protects against oxidative stress, prevents damaging effects of certain heavy metals (iron and copper specifically) and optimizes the communication between different parts of the brain for higher cognitive synergy

This extract is a wonderful component of a blood pressure and weight loss regimen for cardiovascular and overall health. Compared to placebo, HDL and LDL levels have shown to regulate with extract. Reduction in weight eases the burden on the heart and helps clear excess fat from the arteries while preventing absorption of fats into cells, and the combination of catechins (antioxidants) and caffeine increases thermogenesis (production of heat) that burns fat, calories, and helps digest food. It’s also a great solution for those new to exercise, or looking to up their regimen, as it protects from damage to the cell, slows fatigue of muscle, and optimizes recovery times. Exercise is necessary for human health, but can damage the body if not approached with care.

Green tea powder extract is found in Cymbiotika’s Golden Mind: Advanced Brain Nutrients to enhance memory and cognition while providing brain protection. Stress can damage memory and lower attention to detail, making Bacopa a natural addition to our brain formula. Combined with other incredible brain-powering nutrients in micelle delivery form, it is the highest performing and bioavailable brain nutrient blend on the market. Golden Mind is the gold standard of nootropic brain formulas intended for optimum mental performance, cognitive protection, and enhanced communication between the gut and central nervous system for optimum state of being.


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