Ingredients - L-Methylfolate

Also known as Folate, Levomefolic Acid, Vitamin B9

L-methylfolate is the most bioactive form of folate, required for reproduction of DNA and regulation of vital biological cycles. The body cannot utilize B12, one of our most crucial vitamins, without healthy folate levels. L-methylfolate is used by bone marrow for white and red blood cell production, and converting carbohydrates into energy. Low folate is often treated with folic acid-enriched foods, usually an ineffective solution. It is important to note that if someone carries an MTHFR gene mutation, they have a lowered ability to convert folate into active L-methylfolate, making it a critical dietary supplement.

L-methylfolate is generated by the MTHFR gene in the gut, making this form of folate absolutely essential as a supplement for those who carrythis gene mutation. 30-60% of the current population is estimated to carry a mutated MTHFR gene. Disturbance in the synthesis of this vitamin affects blood cell production in the bone marrow, conversion of carbohydrates to energy, and efficient production of DNA and RNA. Those diagnosed with MTHFR mutation report symptoms of fatigue, neurological issues, and hormone problems. Patients see an improvement in both mental and physical issues with supplementation of active forms of folate.

If a mutation is present in MTHFR. the body cannot create the L-methylfolate needed for many functions, including conversion of homocysteine back to methionine. This affects blood health by potential damage of blood vessels and arteries. MTHFR gene also affects fertility, with studies finding an association between mutation of this gene and multiple loss of pregnancy. Mutation of MTHFR gene inhibits the body’s ability to remove toxins from the blood and organs, leading to a multitude of other health issues including diabetic neuropathy.

Those diagnosed with schizophrenia, dementia, depression, and other mental conditions tend to have lower levels of serum folate. These populations show improvement of symptoms when active folate is added to their treatment regimens. These studies did not include consideration of MTHFR, so we cannot say if they are related to a function of this gene, but provide supporting evidence that L-methylfolate can be beneficial for mental and cognitive disorders.

L-methylfolate is found in Cymbiotika's Synergy B12 formula for its critical role in absorption of B12 and production of healthy DNA. While the body can convert folate into its active form, we take care of the conversion step to offer folate in its most biologically active form for easy absorption. If someone has an MTHFR gene mutation, consumption of this form of folate is extra critical for functioning. We combined it with the 2 naturally-occurring bioactive forms of B12 and fulvic minerals of shilajit for repairing, reenergizing, and truly optimizing the function of every cell in the human body.


Clinical Research

Human studies published in the last 10 years