Ingredients - Selenium

Essential Mineral

Selenium is a mineral found in almost every living system on Earth. It originates in rocks, travels to water and soil, and eventually into the plants and animals that we eat. It is an essential nutrient that serves as an antioxidant and catalyst for biochemical reactions. Achieving adequate selenium levels relieves a broad spectrum of disorders and extends lifespan. Low levels of selenium affect all systems and are associated with increased mortality, poor immune function, and cognitive decline.

With the state of most modern soils, especially commercial, people are not receiving the amount of selenium the Earth intended. With it occurring in most living things, it is also crucial for homeostasis in the human body.. Low selenium levels are associated with inflammatory response and improper immune reaction. Crohn’s and colitis patients consistently show selenium deficiency, implying its major role in absorption and utilization of nutrients. With many neurotransmitters being produced in the gut, we can see how this affects cognition. Disorders of the body are typically approached as being caused by intake of an irritant, while often the source is actually from deficiency of nutrients vital for biological success.

Many with thyroid conditions are not educated on Selenium by their doctor, yet it has a synergistic relationship with iodine that is crucial for the conversion of T4 to T3 thyroid hormones. Hormones are the messengers for every reaction in the body and if these messengers aren’t communicating properly, the body goes into a state of despair. Deficiency in selenium thus affects most biological processes, and proper intake corrects an impressive variety of ailments and disease. Selenium is also known to lower cancer risk, tumor activity, cognitive decline, asthma symptoms, thyroid disorders, and cardiovascular disease.

Selenium is found in Cymbiotika's D3 K2 CoQ10 formula for its perfect synergistic effects in heart, cognitive, and hormone support. It is essential for hormone regulation and found to reverse cardiovascular disease when taking with Coq10 and essential for uptake of Vitamin D. Naturally found in healthy soil, we chose Selenium to perfect our Vitashine D3 formula along with K2, Beta-Carotene, and CoQ10 to offer a revolutionary source of bioavaiable sunshine in a bottle.