Strengthen Your and Your Family’s Immune System With Synergy C

Building and strengthening our immunity has never been more relevant. Keeping ourselves and our families healthy is one of our top priorities as we begin to emerge from life under quarantine. Which is why its vital to incorporate immunity-strengthening products such as into our daily health and wellness regimen.

The benefits of Synergy C are plentiful, and the product is even safe for children aged 2 and older, making it an essential for the whole family.

is crafted from the highest quality organic ingredients, including 1000mg of Vitamin C, Bamboo Silica, Organic Coconut Glycerin and Organic Sunflower Oil. This amazing product is vital to your body’s healing process and is non-GMO, contains zero chemicals and is void of any heavy metals, providing an essential, dependable go-to for immunity-building support.

Synergy C has numerous wellness benefits, including:

Immune Support

Fermented Vitamin C is the key ingredient in Synergy C, helping our bodies build the immunity support necessary to ward off any seasonal colds or exposure to pathogens, bacteria or viral based outbreaks

Building Healthier Skin

Vitamin C is also shown to provide firmer-feeling, healthier skin, providing even skin tone and reducing the signs of skin fading from harmful UV rays

Boosting Collagen Production

The Bamboo Silica found in Synergy C is a natural beautifying mineral that will help our bodies boost collagen production

Promotes Healthy Aging

Bamboo Silica is also key to supporting normal cell function and building strong connective tissue, allowing our body to strengthen and beautify itself, from the inside out.

Full of Organic Ingredients

Synergy C is composed of the highest quality organic and wild crafted ingredients, including:

  • Bioavailable Vitamin C
  • Bamboo Silica
  • Organic Coconuts
  • Organic Vitamin E
  • Organic Lemon Peel Oil
  • Organic Orange Peel Oil

by Tyler Hipke / Sep 07, 2020