Self-Care Innovator Talks Cymbiotika and What’s Driving People to Wellness

CELEB Magazine recently chatted with Durana Elmi, a forward-thinker, product innovator and COO of brainchild company Cymbiotika, about why people are being driven towards the self-care industry now more than ever.

It Started With Her Own Self Care

When we spoke with Elmi, she was happy to explain how her product came to be. “My passion really came about when I was pregnant with my first daughter, it gave me a reason to kind of take a look at my internal body ecosystem and care a little bit more about what I was putting into my body. I thought about my overall health.”

“As we started to explore the world of supplements, we came to find out there are no high-quality ingredients out there. I became very passionate about my own health, strengthening my immune system and taking destiny in my own hands. We wanted to provide the tools for others to do the same. That is the cornerstone of Cymbiotika: helping our customers reclaim control of their health,” she says.

Founded in 2018, Cymbiotika offers customers peerless quality and a way to revive their body through quality dietary supplements. Elmi was born in Afghanistan and has a passion for helping others, which inspired her to take her interest in her own health and find ways to bring the same passion to others.

COVID Has Changed the Way People Engage in Self Care

The serial entrepreneur and businesswoman explained why her brand and the self-care industry in general has been on the rise in recent years. “COVID really enhanced the way people looked at their health. Most people have had a reactionary approach to their health. The last year has dramatically changed that. Many are now focusing on preventive methods. Proper nutrition, exercise, sleep, water, and the appropriate supplementation. We didn’t focus on ‘sales growth;’ instead, we focused on the needs of our customers. This resulted in an 800 percent year-over-year organic growth.”

Elmi added thoughtfully, “There’s a shift in the way people look at self care. Due to COVID, people now are taking more focus and interest in their health than ever before. Much of Western medicine has revolved around fixing something that’s already broken. But we want to focus on preventing it from breaking in the first place, and a lot of people are starting to take the same approach in their own self care. So it’s a shift in the mindset.”

Cymbiotika Makes Up for a Society’s Dietary Shortfalls

Elmi explained that Western society in general embraces a diet that lacks many nutrients. Cymbiotika looks to fill in those gaps. A result of their lauded technology, Cymbiotika products use a Liposomal technology matrix to increase bioavailability. What that means is that it makes the nutrients more readily absorbed by the body, so more of the product is absorbed. Nutritional supplements have traditionally poor bioavailability, which means most of what’s in a traditional supplement won’t get absorbed. However, Cymbiotika’s technology increases that bio-availability significantly, allowing for more absorption and more efficiency in their products.

Made in the USA

Cymbiotika products are sourced and formulated in the USA, with suppliers in Las Vegas and California. Elmi explained,

“Some of our most popular products are vitamin C, and D3. And also people love elderberry. It tastes so good, and it gives the body an immune boost. Our customers rave about how they give it to their children and their kids don’t even realize they’re taking a supplement,” she says.

It’s not just children who love Cymbiotika though, celebrities are on board as well. Elmi was excited to share the names of celebrities who love and use their products.

“So many celebrities have gravitated towards our product. We’ve got Novak Djokovic, the #1 tennis player in the world. Demi Lovato, Mike Tyson, Zac Efron, and Nyjah Huston to name a few; all use our products. Djokovic even spoke in an Instagram Live about how we make the best products in the world and have been able to contribute to his wellness and success. So that was big,” she says.

People are Really Thinking About What They Put in Their Bodies

COVID has changed the way people think about what goes into their body, Elmi explains. Now that we’re all vulnerable to a virus that can strike at really any time, people are looking to give themselves the best chance possible and start with a healthy foundation. Elmi explains that her mother suffers from arthritis, and that Western medicine tries to throw prescription medications and treatments like cortisone injections at the problem, but sometimes all a body needs is the right nutritional support to help symptoms.

“Ever since we’ve launched and we continue to improve our product lineup, my mother has gone from taking tremendous amount of cortisone to barely any. She’s almost off of it completely. And her doctors here wonder what has caused this massive shift in her health. And as a result of her feeling better, she’s been able to be more active, she’s more agile and able to move around. And so I feel like once people reclaim that health and movement, that clarity in their mind, they’re even more invested to live a healthier life. And that’s why I know it’s not just a trend. Self care through nutritional support is here to stay,” she says.

“And I actually think it’s starting now at a younger age. Because of social media, people have more
access today to educate themselves about what’s good and what’s not. And when you look at our company’s growth, we’ve barely scratched the surface of marketing. Our customers are our marketing themselves. They’re using our products and seeing so much improvement that they go out and tell other people, ‘hey, you should try this.”

That kind of self-perpetuating growth says a lot about Cymbiotika and its products. With the ability for customers to shop individual products or create their own wellness bundles, all needs can be met.

With products like Shilajit Black Gold, Red Yeast Rice, Adrenal Super Tonic, and an endless variety of immune supports, customers can be sure that the quality of the products they buy is second to none.

With a passion for helping people and a commitment to empowering other women, Elmi attributed a lot of her company’s success to her team. Elmi added, “We’re only as good as how we feel. And when we feel good, we are powerful beings. So we just want folks to feel good. We want people to be able to take a very holistic approach on healing themselves. And we want them to do that through the things that they eat and put in their bodies.”

par Tyler Hipke / 23 févr. 2021