Ingredients - Bamboo


Silica is a naturally occurring mineral in plants and animals, with highest concentrations found in quartz, obsidian, opal, and other precious stones. Second to oxygen, it is the most abundant element that exists in nature. Plants contain a higher amount than animals, contributing to the flexibility of plant tissue we observe in comparison to mammals. While there is no dietary recommendation in place, it is crucial for bone, skin, immune, and cardiovascular health and protects from metal accumulation in the brain and body. It is often used as an additive in processed foods. If sourced naturally in pristine form it carries vital benefits.

Considering the flexible nature of bamboo’s structure and its ability to regenerate faster than almost any plant in the world, it is a conscious and pure source for sourcing naturally abundant silica. Bamboo contains up to 85% Silica while horsetail, commonly used in Silica supplements, contains around 5-7%. Sourcing from bamboo is also a great way to reduce agricultural waste. Silica from bamboo is used for collagen that increases flexibility in joints and cartilage, increases health of hair, skin, nails, veins, arteries, sinuses, and healing digestive disorders. It is renowned in the beauty industry for remedying brittle or dry skin, nair, and hails.

Silica protects from collection of heavy metals in the body that are associated with Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative disorders. Bones in particular have a crucial need for silica that is not often recognized in the medical community. Silica is found in the areas that mineralize new bone tissue, and calcium needs Silica for healthy production for generating healthy bone tissue. It acts as a deliverer for other substances that may have low bioavailability like quercetin. Vitamin C, for example, and has shown to increase in uptake with Silica as well as Vitamin E.

Bamboo Silica is found in Cymbiotika's Synergy C formula for ultimate collagen production and immune function. Bamboo is a conscious and renewable source high in Silica that helps absorb nutrients, produce new bone tissue, utilize Vitamin C, and E fully, and build immunity. Excellent for absorbing other vital nutrients, especially in combination with our Omega loaded with fatty acids and quercetin. Bamboo Silica is combined with fermented Vitamin C from tapioca, lemon peel, and orange peel in an easy-to-use form added to food or beverage.