Ingredients - biodynamic rosemary hydrosol

Hyrdosols, also known as floral/plant waters, are produced by steam distilling fresh leaves, fruits, flowers and other plant materials; they have very similar properties to essential oils, but are much less concentrated. Hydrosols still contain important properties such as their water soluble components, essential oil molecules, and the fluid that was in the plant when it was collected. These are powerful natural healing tools in the aromatherapy world for their abilities to calm the nervous system, ease anger, uplift mood, eliminate toxins, relieve skin irritations, and help connect more to nature and self.

Rosemary is a woody, perennial herb with fragrant needle-like leaves that is native to the Mediterranean region. For many centuries, rosemary has been used to improve memory, ease stress, and energize the body and mind.

We have chosen to use a special Biodynamic rosemary hydrosol sourced from Sophia’s Garden in Sebastopol, CA in our Adrenal Supertonic for the uplifting and stimulating effects it can have in the body and mind. Rosemary has a very “wintery” smell because of its pine-like needles, which adds a nice touch to this formula. We have sourced the highest quality rosemary hydrosol that has been grown Biodynamically (which is a form of farming that is more intensive and restrictive than just organic farming) because the health of the soil and integrity of the growing processes is extremely important to us at Cymbiotika.


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