Ingredients - Elemental Gold

333pmm Concentration

Gold has been used as a therapeutic medicine in Arabic, Chinese, and Indian culture as far back as 2500 BC. In Ayurveda it is known as Swarna bhasma, traditionally applied for cases of diabetes, arthritis, asthma, nervous system disorders, and others in clinical settings. Gold is considered blood compatible meaning it can come into contact with blood and bodily fluids without causing damage. Addition of gold to medicinal compounds like shilajit is believed to increase oxygen levels, IQ, and promote healthy joints.

Modern nanotechnology has revealed much about particle size and cell permeability as it applies to utilizing precious metals for medicine. Smaller particles, similar to our nanoparticle silver, absorb better than larger particles for a more potent effect and ability to absorb via sublingual application. Studies on gold consumption have shown it to have low toxicity and a powerful effect on health without placing a burden on vital organs. It can help make drug and herbal medications more effective in the body, and has been a longtime remedy in Indian culture for cancer, with recent clinical studies supporting this. In Eastern culture it is traditionally prepared with honey, milk, or ghee

Elemental Gold is found in Cymbiotika’s Shilajit Black Gold at 333pmm concentration for increase in oxygen levels, joint health, and mental performance. The silver content works to increase immune support. It is an enjoyable morning ritual to activate the body upon waking and balance the chemistry of the entire brain. Incorporation of our shilajit into a morning routine removes toxins that may have assimilated in the body during the night, bringing new clarity and vitality into each day.


Clinical Research

Human studies published in the last 10 years