Ingredients - L-Theanine


L-Theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid found in green tea. It cannot be synthesized for human consumption, meaning it must come from natural sources. It optimizes focus and memory retention for learning yet provides a relaxing effect. It’s commonly added to performance foods and beverages as a mind activator. Its cognitive effects come from an amazing ability to regulate oscillatory activities, or wavelengths, of the brain - it literally creates a rhythm of the brain.

L-Theanine has been observed to lower anxious symptoms, such as fast heart rate, while increasing activity of active alpha waves in the brain during tests measuring performance. Reaction time to stimuli and accuracy are heightened with L-Theanine compared to placebo. This is believed to be due to anincrease in the activity of parietal and occipital lobe, our sensory and vision centers. Understanding activation in these parts of the brain helps us see, in a very magical way, how L-Theanine focuses on these centers of processing visual information and reduces sensory anxiety.

The cognitive system of the mind and the endocrine (hormone) systems are quickly affected by intake of L-Theanine, quickly crossing the blood - brain barrier and activating the body and mind into a state of calm alertness. This is an incredible foundation for creativity and intellectual expression. It also shows a protective effect against neuronal damage from stress, environment, and chemicals. L-Theanine has also shown ability to relieve psychotic and anxious symptoms in those affected by mental conditions such as schizoaffective and schizophrenia. In children it has been found to improve sleep quality and aid ADHD

L-Theanine is found in Cymbiotika’s Golden Mind: Advanced Brain Nutrients formula to light up the sensory and visual processing centers of the brain for fast and accurate assimilation of information. Combined with other incredible brain-powering nutrients in a micelle delivery form, it is the highest performing and bioavailable brain nutrient blend on the market. Golden Mind is the gold standard of nootropic brain formulas intended for optimum mental performance, cognitive protection, and enhanced communication between the gut and central nervous system for optimum state of being.

L-Theanine is also found in Cymbiotika’s Rumi Herbal Sleep Tonic to lower anxiety associated with difficulty in falling asleep, and bring a sense of peace and relaxation. Our goal is to replenish the body and restore the natural cycle of sleep, the most important factor in overall health. Our Rumi formula works to help the body relax, balance the nutrients of the brain, and support a natural sleep cycle without sedation.


Clinical Research

Human studies published in the last 10 years