The Holiday Wellness Guide

 The Holiday Wellness Guide

The holidays can turn even the most laid-back person into a ball of stress and anxiety. According to a recent survey, 62% of people describe their stress levels as “very” or “somewhat” elevated during the holiday season.

Whether it's due to family gatherings (or the absence of them), holiday stress can take a toll on your mental and physical well-being. It's understandable, given the mix of financial pressures, obligations, parties, crowded stores, and family dynamics that come into play. Loneliness can also hit harder during the holidays, intensifying feelings of isolation.

 Fortunately, our team curated a list of tips for coping with holiday stress. Because we don’t want you to just survive during this hectic season–we want you to thrive. 

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 How to cope with holiday stress

Unfortunately, so many things about the holidays are quite honestly out of your hands. Shifting our perspective on holiday stress, instead of trying to control it, can make a huge difference. See if our tips work for you:

Prioritize self-care

We're often conditioned to be generous, particularly during the holiday season, which is centered around giving. But amidst all this giving, have you considered whether you're giving yourself what you truly need to feel your best? Stress takes on various forms for different individuals, so self-care can look different for everyone as well. What truly matters is carving out moments for activities that bring you joy. Whether it's immersing yourself in a good book, practicing meditation, taking leisurely walks, or cherishing moments with your loved ones, it's crucial to give yourself the time and space needed for rejuvenation and finding purpose during this season.

Reframe how you think

We understand that people may view the holiday season as an obligation or chore because it triggers stress. But stress doesn’t always have to be a bad thing. Sometimes, it can be a source of energy and motivation, helping you better prepare to rise up and face life’s challenges. It’s helpful that, when you experience stress, you try to think about it from another angle. Rather than think about how stressed you’re going to feel, focus on feelings of love and gratitude. Remember that you have so much appreciation and love for the special people in your life. 

Practice mindfulness

There seems to be an expectation that we must feel happy and festive during the holiday season. However, many people often experience the 'holiday blues,' which can trigger feelings of sadness, stress, anxiety, grief, and loneliness during this time.

A powerful way to deal with holiday blues is through mindfulness, and meditation can be a valuable tool in achieving this. When we meditate, we step away from the constant mental chatter and concentrate on something simple: our breath. This practice helps us to be present in the moment and discover inner peace.

As we become skilled at recognizing and acknowledging our thoughts and feelings during meditation, we gradually reduce their significance. This process allows us to let go of these thoughts and emotions, creating room for a clearer, calmer, and more content state of mind as we move forward.

Let us help you, help you

Between stress, traveling, nutritional challenges, and changes in wellness and sleep routines, the holidays can be hard on the immune system. You can do your part to set yourself up for a healthy holiday season by incorporating the right vitamins and supplements to support your overall health.

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par Melanie David / 13 déc. 2023